Individual coaching & personal change

Fears & phobias

Frightened of flying, spiders, public speaking, injections, claustrophobia, heights, dogs or anything else? This fast NLP technique can have you worry free and confident within a very short space of time, no hypnosis necessary - just a real want on your part to get rid of the limiting fear and we are off...! Feel stuck?

Feel stuck in your career or your personal life? Have unwanted habits that you just can't seem to break, want to lose weight but keep putting it on, taking off and putting more back on again, same old cycles keep emerging in your relationships, keep choosing the wrong partners, It's time to change, break with the past and re-invent you exactly as you want to be, confident, happy, setting goals in life and reaching them faster than you ever thought possible.


Neuro linguistic programming helps you to think in different ways, help you to create a new and exciting future for yourself and be all you can be.

Because there is no need to trawl through the detail and sludge of 'old stuff' and re-examine the in-depth issues you used to have, you do not have to re-live bad feelings, angst or guilt.

Instead we focus on learning from the past to create the future. Exactly as you want it to be, free from old limitations and thoughts that in the past have preoccupied and troubled you, now.

I wanted to send you a note to say a huge, huge thank you for all your help. I am for the first time actually excited and cannot wait to go on the journey. I keep testing to see if I can feel the fear but its just not there - I am so pleased.

I had two fab flights, I even slept right through the night before which is unheard of. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Kate, Sheffield

Personal effectiveness coaching

Although Christine works extensively with larger organisations she also works with individuals who are interested in making personal changes; For example moving on, new job, new challenges and pushing out of your comfort zone.

A hint that it might be the right time to access coaching is if you feel 'stuck' or if your comfort zone, although 'safe' feels uncomfortable in its safety and seems to be preventing you from doing the kinds of things you want to do.

For example this testimonial from Peta shows how we can sometimes hold ourselves back and how coaching with Christine can help:

With an exciting new job on the horizon and interview in the bag I decided it was finally time to take control of my gremlins. I particularly get 'The fear' at interviews – clamming up and losing track of my point and not feeling as though I've given good examples. I got in touch with Chris after hearing about a former colleagues experience of coaching with her. We had a 2 hour session a few days before my interview, I cannot say how much this helped me the day and during the interview – I felt really calm and positive and a bit like I could take on the world if you asked me to! Anyway, good news is I got the job and to top that, I received fantastic feedback on my interview from a panel member. I put this down to the incredible tools that Chris gave me! Sometime you just need someone to help you see the issue – once you know that you can work on it.
Peta, NHS manager

Time Line Therapy™ and breakthrough

Time line therapy is a method of releasing all major unwanted negative emotions from past experiences that still hold you back now. Why is it called breakthrough? Because using NLP and timeline therapy, you batter down your limited thinking, burst through old ways of seeing situations, and revolutionise your perceptions of what you can achieve... sounds good?

For example you may, as a child, have experienced some kind of discrimination or teasing and the negative effects of this still seem to linger. Even with your adult 'head on', you still revert inside to the perhaps sad and angry child if you experience a certain kind of look from someone, or a certain tone of voice. Alternatively you may have experienced a bad relationship or work experience that hampers and bothers you even though it was ages, perhaps years ago, you may tell yourself it's silly... but you just can't seem to 'get past it'.

If this sounds familiar, then time line and breakthrough is for you. It can help you learn what you need to learn to move on and create the life you want, free from the issues of the past.

The very best thing about time line therapy is again it is 'content free' - so we don't have to speak about past events in any great depth.

We just go through the process of learning, release the 'negative charge' on the past and get ready for the freedom you will feel when the negativity of the past no longer haunts your present, nor interferes with your future.


From a very early age my weight had always been an issue, my confidence rock bottom and despising what I saw in the mirror. My weight fluctuated up and down, so sometimes I was justified in my concern but the hatred I gave myself certainly wasn't! I tried quite a lot of diets, a popular known one did in fact result in me losing 2 stone at the time, however it slowly crept back as I got comfortable and relaxed in my relationship. I wasn't huge but I know I was bigger than I'd like to be, then of course I became pregnant. I enjoyed the pregnancy and I didn't even mind the 4 and a 1/2 stone weight gain, that was until my son was born and I needed to lose the extra pounds!! My trouble was, I just love food, and although I didn't eat high fat rubbish food my portions were the same as my partners which was far too much, I knew enough was enough and decided to give Christine's therapy a whirl!

We had two whole sessions, delving deep into my subconscious to the core root of my issues with food, we set up a time line and a goal of which I would like to achieve. We touched on things I didn't even recognise were causing an issue, and after an emotional yet liberating couple of sessions I feel amazing!

I no longer count on food as a way of comforting myself, yes I still love food and enjoy it but its no longer the focal point of my day to day life.

Since my sessions I have lost 2 stone, and I have very nearly lost 2 dress sizes, I feel lovely! I once stood in front of the mirror pointing out all my "disgusting flaws", now when I look at myself I see the real me, I point out my ever decreasing waistline, my slimmer thighs and flatter stomach.....I now feel that I do look good and things can only go up from here!
Ms. Johnson, Oldham
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